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Our short story
BPB is bringing international flavors to the streets of Tallahassee.

Owners Kira Petit and Attila Pal are pleased to introduce to you their food truck, Backpackers Box. The couple is bringing international flavors to the streets of Tallahassee. Kira and Attila met and began their journey while working together in 2008 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dublin, Ireland. They spent the next 7 years traveling and working around the globe in places including: Hawai'i, London, Hungary, Spain, Cyprus and Thailand. Kira and Attila fell in love with the cultures surrounding them, especially the food. They spent their days divulging in the flavors of: Marbella, Spain and their small beach bars ( Chiringuitos ) serving delicious fresh meals and tapas, to Hawai'i and their famous "plate lunch" and Thailand with their bountiful street food and food markets! Kira graduated from FSU and obtained her Masters from London Metropolitan University in the UK. She went on to work for iconic companies such as; Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL, The Irish Theatre Festival in Dublin, Ireland, and Hard Rock Café, Marbella, Spain. Attila, born in Pécs, Hungary; worked aboard the Queen Mary 2 ocean liner, the renowned Dorchester Hotel in London at Hyde Park Corner and the luxurious beach club Nikki Beach in Marbella and Phuket, Thailand. The couples extensive experience in the hospitality industry helped them decide; a food truck was the best way to bring all of their cultural endeavors to Tallahassee! Backpackers' Box (BPB) aims to cater to the explorer in all of us. (BPB)'s main focus is to help educate about traveling, through food! Backpackers' Box has something for everyone, always SERVING THE HUNGRY EXPLORER.



Our rescue dog from Thailand
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